Our Mission

Enable, Empower and Energize populace for leading a stress free, healthy & happy life.

  • Enabling each individual to be emotionally balanced and mature individual.
  • Empowering people to be fully functioning & achieving intended goals.
  • Empowering and mentioning aspiring professionals to gain excellence in counselling services.
  • Energize individuals with enhanced understanding of themselves and set a path of personal development employing therapies.
  • Evolve a pattern for holistic enhancement of families, communities and individuals to experience better quality of relations with self and others.
  • Collaborate with social organizations and corporate for capacity building.
  • Emerge as a premium centre in West Bengal for promoting psycho education and awareness at all levels of society.
  • Develop empirical evidences and data in the field of behavioral and social research.
  • 04.06.2016: Central Mordan School - Teachers Workshop
  • 06.06.2016: M.L.Z.S Maheshtala - Teachers Workshop
  • 06.06.2016: A.T.I - Workshop
  • 07.06.2016: South Point School - BCS Session
  • 08.06.2016: South Point School - BCS Session
  • 09.06.2016: Agarwal Vidya Vihar, Surat - Workshop
  • 10.06.2016: Agarwal Vidya Vihar, Surat - Workshop
  • 10.06.2016: Hope Foundation - Life Skills Workshop
  • 13.06.2016: MCKV
  • 15.06.2016: M.L.Z.S (H) - Teachers Workshop
  • 16.06.2016: Sunbeam Varanasi - BCS Session
  • 17.06.2016: Sunbeam Varanasi - BCS Session
  • 18.06.2016: Bhubaneswar, Cuttak - Workshop
  • 19.06.2016: Bhubaneswar, Cuttak - Workshop
  • 20.06.2016: Brahmapur - Teachers Workshop
  • 21.06.2016: Brahmapur - Teachers Workshop
  • 27.06.2016: St. Karens School - Workshop

Counselling Services at Centre

Counselling is a term used to comfort, listen, or give advice to those people who are experiencing depression or any emotional problems. Counselling is just like talking to a close friend or a family member.

We at Ummeed believe that Hope in life can heal, can enable and can empower everybody.

Umeed Foundation - Social Outreach

Umeed Foundation works holistically for emotional, psychological and social wellness of children from socially and economically deprived and challenged backgrounds.
Non formal schools ● Support Centres ● Orphanages ● Destitute Homes

The Art & Science of Parenting

Parenting is and art and of the touchy topics to any parents in todays world. There are no manuals to give all answers. It is learned through trial and error.
Parent workshops at Ummeed have created and offered the much needed forum for deliberations on thus far tabooed topics and have made possible a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Internship Opportunities

Ummeed does accept students for internship.

Our internship programme is very flexible and designed to give each intern much exposure to understand the application of counselling for social and emotional wellness in the real world scenario.

Life Skills - Empowering Young Minds

An initiative by Ummeed to imbibe life skills in young adults through group counselling. These are a set of basic a skill that enable an individual to cope with a wide variety of challenges in life, strengthen the value system and helps him/her to blend the traditional with modern.

Counsellors at Ummeed believe that the realm of Psychology is becoming more inclusive.

Empowering Educators

Ummeed strongly believes that to bring about a social revolution the educational institutions have to play a great role and teachers are the change catylyst.

Ummeed offers a series of workshops for educators which includes empowering teachers with basic counselling skills to handle emotional and social issues.

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