Enable, Empower and Energize populace for leading a stress free, healthy & happy life.


We enable each individual to be emotionally balanced and mature.


We empower people to be fully functioning & achieving their intended goals.


We energize individuals with enhanced understanding of themselves, and setting a path of personal development by employing various therapies.


Enhancement of families, communities and individuals to experience better quality of relations with self and others.


  • Umeed Foundation

    Umeed Foundation works holistically for emotional, psychological and social wellness of children from socially and economically deprived and challenged backgrounds.

  • Counselling

    Our is a unique multi-speciality and multi-dimensional approach to emotional, social and physical well being for the society at large. It offers psychological services for those experiencing academic, personal, relationships, and work related difficulties.

  • Consulting

    Ummeed hosted a comprehensive counselling course for those who wanted to gain a firsthand experience in counselling. The participants were from different walks of life.

  • Life Skills

    For 5+ to 25 years under empowering young minds, UMMEED provides interactive learning sessions in schools, colleges and NGO's. to develop life skills and deal with adolescent issues.

  • Internship Opportunities

    A platform for learning extensive exposure and application of domain knowledge of psycho social work makes internship opportunities at UMMEED for graduate, post graduate, students as well as young professionals equally exciting.

  • Teachers' Training

    Ummeed strongly believes that to build good social and emotional wellness in children and adolescent, educational institutions have a great role to play and teachers are the catalyst.

  • Parenting

    Parenting is an art as each parent bring up their child based on their life experiences. At Ummeed we understand parenting is a science enabling parents to understand how their child would be at its best and how they could connect and enjoy their children at each stage.


Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate West Bengal & North East organized a programe on 18th November,2017 on sensitizing the youths of today on the various aspects of social media titled "From text to Facebook" - where Ms.Salony Priya, Founder & Director of Ummeed was Invited as the Chief Resource person.






Session on Gender Sensitivity

2 days workshop on sensitizing youth and parents for a healthy bond

Upcoming EVENTS

Parenting Workshop in Little Scholar

Teachers Workshop in Calcutta International School

All Bengal Womens Union Home visit

Teachers Workshop Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir

Basic Counseling in Frank Anthony Public School

Session on Adolescent Issues in Jadavpur University

Safety Measures in Hariyana Vidya Mandir School

Basic Counseling Skill Session in DPS Varanasi

Parenting Session for LKG - V in Hariyana Vidya Mandir

Parenting Session for Class VI - X in Hariyana Vidya Mandir

Basic Counseling Skill Session in Sunbeam Varanasi

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Salony Priya with the Interns at UMMEED Centre

Internship opportunities and Advance Professional Course

UMMEED offers a multi-dimensional internship and a holistic learning opportunity for aspiring people interested in the field of mental health, positive psychology and counselling. We at UMMEED give exposure to a variety of aspects of psychology.

USP of Internship at UMMEED
Exposure at various educational institutions addressing issues related to adolescent behaviour, counselling interventions as a strength based preventive tool.

  • A holistic learning experience through multi-dimensional exposure
  • Gaining better understanding about methods & tools used in counseling interventions
  • Facilitating training programs for Educators, Parents and Students
  • You get an opportunity to witness various aspects of Positive Psychology which are being implemented at Corporate Organizations
  • Guidance and supervision sessions by experts working in different facets of psychology



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